Monday, December 22, 2008

Why I Decided to go Natural....

I first decided that I wanted to go natural in August of 2008. Too bad I went and got it chemically treated again anyway in September. It's not a relaxer or a perm I have, it's called wave nouveau. For the many who don't know what that is, it's basically a curly perm. It's applied just like a perm, but my stylist puts rollers in my hair and it makes my hair curly. That's beside the point, I'm supposed to explaining why I decided to go natural.

Reason #1: I want to embrace my hair the way God created it instead of trying to look like everyone else. I really don't understand why "nappy" is such a derogatory term. I was born with nappy hair and I want to show that I'm proud of it.

Reason #2: To me, it is a sign of a new chapter in my life. I'm going to college and I want to start fresh, with a different look that is truly me. Plus, I know it will be more convenient to take care of my own hair than to depend on a stylist to do touch ups every two-and-a half months.

Reason #3: I won't have to run from the rain anymore!! LOL!!

Reason #4: It'll get longer than it ever would have if I keep putting chemicals in it.

I can't really think of anymore reasons at the moment. And when I first decided that I wanted to go natural, I said I would transition and just let my hair grow out. Then when the natural hair grew to a desired length, I would get the ends cut off. That only lasted about two months; in November I changed my mind and told my mom that I wanted to do the big chop and cut my almost all my hair off into a TWA (teeny weeny afro). Thankfully she scheduled an appointment and I'll be getting it cut next Tuesday!! I can't wait. The reason I wanted to do the big chop instead is because my hair is extra thick even with the wave. So just imagine how thick my roots were when lots of new growth started coming in. Not the business. I can't comb it, never really could brush I was stuck. I just wore it out, thick, unmanageable roots with soft wavy ends. A mess.

It's weird though. Because Christmas is in like three days, yet all I can think about is getting my hair cut next week. Currently my hair is about five inches with about 1.5 inches of new growth. So it will definitely be a dramatic difference when I get it cut. I just washed it on Friday, and flat twisted the sides in the front. It'll do for now, I guess. I've been tempted so many times to go in the bathroom and cut it myself, but then I 'd really look a mess! So I just have to wait if I want it done right. That's it for now...I won't post again until after my cut. I'll try to post before-and-after pics. Later...


This is my very first blog entry. To start, I am a high school senior and will be graduating in June 2009!! Yes!! And I've just been accepted into my first choice, University of San Francisco!! Double yes!! Anyway, the reason decided to start this blog is because recently I decided to go natural, no more chemicals in my hair. I wanted to document my journey to healthier hair. I found so many YouTube videos and blogs on this topic that inspired, encouraged, and educated me on natural hair. I figured I could do the same thing for other people be creating this blog. I'm am the only person I know my age who is going natural; most of the blogs I've read or videos I've watched were by people at least 20 years old, if not, older. So maybe there is someone out there my age who is thinking about going natural, but has no support or has no idea on how to go about it. I am no expert on the subject, but you can learn from my mistakes and even my triumphs.