Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growth Check

Like I wrote previously, I'm two months natural, still a newbie. But I can see some growth when I compare past pictures. It's encourgaging because soetimes I don't feel like it's growing. I know it's only been two months, but I'm an impatient person. I need to work on that because I know this is a process and journey that takes time. But I posted some progress pics below. Check it out. Any advice on hair growth?

(few days after BC) (one month)

my hair looks kinda raggedy in this pic lol (current length)

Quick Protein Conditioner

A few weeks ago, I found a recipe for a conditioner on (I suggest visting this site, it's cool). Anyway, it was the recipe for a protein conditioner that required egg yolks and water! I decided to try it today. Here are the directions:

Quick Protein Conditioner
2 egg yokes
¼ cup of water
Beat the mixture together and massage through hair well. Put on a plastic cap for thirty minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water (not hot). Make sure all of the egg solution is rinsed from the hair (do not use shampoo). Dry your hair and style as usual.

I decided since it was so liquidy, it would work better if I sprayed the conditioner in my hair. So far, I don't really feel a difference in my hair, but I still have a lot of solution left. I plan on using it again next week. We'll see. Has anyone else used egg yolk in a homemade conditioner? How did it go for you? Let me know.

Catching Up...

I can't believe I haven't posed a blog in almost a month. Wow. I've been really busy lately though. School work, track and field, church, after school clubs, etc. Anyway...I'm gonna catch you up on how my hair's been doing.
So I'm two months natural now! Yipee!! It feels like it's been longer, but oh well. So far, I'll I've been using to keep it moisturized is water/glycerin spritz. I co-wash once a week with Suave Naturals Conditioner. Nothing's changed really.
I did try a new style that I really like. I use a african-printed wrap and make a bun in the back. I think it's cute and sophisticated. I want to go to the fabric store and get some more patterns, so I'll have a variety of wraps to switch up on. Right now I have two. Pictures are below. Tell me what you think.