Sunday, March 8, 2009

Growth Check

Like I wrote previously, I'm two months natural, still a newbie. But I can see some growth when I compare past pictures. It's encourgaging because soetimes I don't feel like it's growing. I know it's only been two months, but I'm an impatient person. I need to work on that because I know this is a process and journey that takes time. But I posted some progress pics below. Check it out. Any advice on hair growth?

(few days after BC) (one month)

my hair looks kinda raggedy in this pic lol (current length)


  1. Looks like your hair is growing pretty fast. My hair is the same length and I have been growing it for 4 months. The only tip is patience and continuing to take care of your hair. I am going to trim my soon and get cornrows for a protective hairstyle. I hope to keep them in for a month.

  2. Yep it does look like it's growing fast ;o) - My advice would be to just focus on healthy hair - keep up with your conditioning and moisturizing and the growth will come :o)

    Like I told another blogger - you better enjoy each stage/length - because it doesn't last long - I sure miss the shorter lenghts - I think they are so cute ;o)

  3. Maybe drink more water?? I know it works for me lol