Friday, January 30, 2009

One Month!!

Today is my one month nappiversary! YAY!! I've learned so much about my hair and I'm really lovin' it. I wish I had always been natural or went natural a long time ago because natural hair really fits me. I think it's so cool that I don't look like anyone at my school. In this short period I have learned a little bit about my hair and some products I want to use, mostly just lots of natural oils. When I get the chance I would like to start only using all natural products in my hair because I want to be able to pronounce the ingredients I'm using, lol. I want to try the homemade shea butter hair cream posted on Anyway, I'm just really excited that I made it to a month. I posted some comparison pics of when I first got it cut and what it looks like now.


  1. Sidenote: You can get raw shea butter online and in some hair stores.